About Us

Here at Borema-Hamm Insurance we do our best to give the most competitive quotes possible. Call us today, or click on the quote link below to give us your information.

We are here to help you get the best insurance policy available to you.  Even if you need some advice about your current policies, we are here to help.

Service built our business.  We have strived to give our community the best possible customer service since 1938, when the business was founded by Wallace Blohm.  Come visit us at either of our convenient locations.  We welcome happy faces any day of the week!

The Fountain office of Borema-Hamm is right on Main Street in Fountain. We’re proud to have been in the center of our small little town since 1971. If you stop by, or call, the Fountain office, you will have the pleasure of speaking to either Tony Hamm, Nancy Keller or Lorie Miszewski.

The Irons office of Borema-Hamm is at, 5577 W. 10 ½ Mile Road.  We’re proud to have been in the Irons area market since 1991. If you stop by, or call, the Irons office, you’ll likely be talking to Pam Shute or David Kott.  David is a helpful friendly agent eager to help customers in need.  Pam can also help our clients get all their question answered with top notch customer service.